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Suppl 1


50 years of Isotope Geology in South America - Scientific Highlights from the 9th South American Symposium on Isotope Geology                  
Babinski, Marly; Rapela, Carlos W.; Avila, Janaina                      (pdf)



U-Pb zircon ages of rocks from the Amazonas Territory of Colombia and their bearing on the tectonic history of the NW sector of the Amazonian Craton
Cordani, Umberto Giuseppe; Sato, Kei; Sproessner, Walter; Fernandes, Fabiana Santos        (pdf)

The tectonic significance of the Cabo Frio Tectonic Domain in the SE Brazilian margin: a Paleoproterozoic through Cretaceous saga of a reworked continental margin
Schmitt, Renata da Silva; Trouw, Rudolph; Van Schmus, William Randall; Armstrong, Richard; Stanton, Natasha S. Gomes                      (pdf)

The tectonic evolution of the Neoproterozoic Brasília Belt, central Brazil: a geochronological and isotopic approach
Pimentel, Márcio Martins                                (pdf)

Tectonic evolution of the Dom Feliciano Belt in Southern Brazil: Geological relationships and U-Pb geochronology
Philipp, Ruy Paulo; Pimentel, Marcio Martins; Chemale Jr, Farid       (pdf)

 Lead isotope constraints on the mantle sources involved in the genesis of Mesozoic high-Ti tholeiite dykes (Urubici type) from the São Francisco Craton (Southern Espinhaço, Brazil)
Marques, Leila Soares; Rocha-Júnior, Eduardo Reis Viana; Babinski, Marly; Carvas, Karine Zuccolan; Petronilho, Liliane Aparecida; De Min, Angelo       (pdf)

U-Pb (LA-ICP-MS) of detrital zircon and whole rock Nd and geochemical constraints on the provenance, depositional age and tectonic setting of the metasedimentary Piriá Basin, northern Brazil: implications for the evolution of the Gurupi Belt
Lopes, Elem C. dos Santos; Klein, Evandro Luiz; Moura, Candido A. Veloso; Lucas, Fernando R. dos Anjos; Pinheiro, Bruno L. Silva; Rodrigues, Joseneusa B.; Simas, Margarete Wagner        (pdf)

Chemostratigraphy of the lower Bambuí Group, southwestern São Francisco Craton, Brazil: insights on Gondwana paleoenvironments
Kuchenbecker, Matheus; Babinski, Marly; Pedrosa-Soares, Antônio C.; Lopes-Silva, Leonardo; Pimenta, Felipe     (pdf)

Sedimentology and chemostratigraphy of a Valanginian carbonate succession from the Baja Guajira Basin, northern Colombia
Silva-Tamayo, Juan C.; Ramirez, Catalina; Lara, Mario; Sial, Alcides Nobrega; Trujillo, David; Salazar, Edward       (pdf)

Shale gas plays, Neuquén Basin, Argentina: chemostratigraphy and mud gas carbon isotopes insights
Ostera, Héctor Adolfo; García, Roberto; Malizia, Daniel; Kokot, Pablo; Wainstein, Leonel; Ricciutti, Marcelo        (pdf)

Distribution and isotopic composition of lead in bottom sediments from the hydrographic system of Belém, Pará (western margin of Guajará Bay and Carnapijó River)
Oliveira, Elma Costa; Lafon, Jean Michel; Corrêa, José Augusto Martins; Carvalho, Jully Hellen dos Santos        (pdf)

Optically stimulated luminescence and isothermal thermoluminescence dating of high sensitivity and well bleached quartz from Brazilian sediments: from Late Holocene to beyond the Quaternary?
Sawakuchi, André Oliveira; Mendes, Vinicius Ribau; Pupim, Fabiano do Nascimento; Mineli, Thays Desiree; Ribeiro, Ligia Maria Almeida Leite; Zular, Andre; Guedes, Carlos Conforti Ferreira; Giannini, Paulo César Fonseca; Nogueira, Luciana; Sallun Filho, William; Assine, Mario Luis       (pdf)

In situ Sr isotope analyses by LA-MC-ICP-MS of igneous apatite and plagioclase from magmatic rocks at the CPGeo-USP
Munoz, Patricio Montecinos; Alves, Adriana; Azzone, Rogério Guitarrari; Cordenons, Pablo; Morano, Sandra; Sproesser, Walter; Souza, Solange de        (pdf)


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